Child Custody

A key issue in many divorces is who will be the primary custodian and how will visitation rights be handled. Both parents can petition for primary custody though the law favors joint physical and legal custody though the child may have a primary residence at one parent’s home. If the parents live in the same school district, a more equal arrangement may be ordered. Otherwise, the court will consider the character of the parents, their behavior, parenting skills, criminal history, allegations or evidence of alcohol or drug abuse, child’s preference if old and mature enough, and the continuity and stability of the parent’s home and environment. The standard used is the best interests of the child. A parenting plan can be crafted by one of our Los Angeles divorce lawyers that states who is the primary custodian, what the visitation schedule will be, how major decisions and expenses affecting the child will be handled and any other arrangements. If a plan cannot be mutually written, mediation is attempted with our assistance. If no accord can be reached, we will represent your interests at trial.